How to convert PDF into word

   There are many PDF files on your phone but you don't know how to convert, modify or alter them? Yes it's always difficult to convert PDF into word, modify, alter or add to it.

  Nevertheless, in this article, you'll learn how you can convert those PDF files on your phone into a word and modify them. 

   However, one of the key aspect of converting PDF files into a word is that, you must have had Adobe Acrobat PDF app installed on your phone.

  Not just the app, also you must had purchased the premium version of this app to leverage your access on the app. 

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  The premium version comes with different features to enable you enjoy your time with it.

  Below are some of the Acrobat premium version features;

  •  Ability to combine multiple files into a single files
  •  Its enable users to set password for their PDF files
  •  Users can modify PDF files
  •  Its convert images or text into PDFs
  •  Export pdfs into Ms office including Ms word, Ms Excel or PP (power point).

  How to convert PDF files into a word

 Having explained in the early paragraph of this article, before you can be able to convert PDFs into  word, you must have purchased the premium version. Below are the steps;

  •  Launched your adobe acrobat app
  •  Sign in if you've not
  •  Open the PDF file you want to modify in acrobat DC
  •  Tap the "Export PDF" to modify the file from PDF
  •  Select the Ms office you want to export the PDF file to, choose Ms word
  •  Tap Export
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 Note: when save, you can either save the new file with DOC or DOCX format. That's all

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