How to convert from PNG to JPG file

   Do you want to convert a PNG to a JPG file or the other way around? There are numerous options available to do that. The advance of technology has made everything easier, unlike before, when one would need to purchase separate additional files after purchasing their personal laptop. However, via online tools and other available tools, including applications, you can easily convert PNG to JPG format.

  The Portable Network Graphics (PNG) is a feature-rich picture format with good image quality. However, the Portable Network Graphics is inadequate for downloading many files, creating websites, or distributing photos. Fortunately, the JPG excels in these fields. Learn about the PNG and JPG conversion processes.

What is a PNG?

  The PNG image files are the raster graphics that are built piece by piece. PNG otherwise know as portable Network Graphics, When using PNG, big files may be compressed without losing resolution since lossless compression is used. A PNG's resolution is unaffected if it is scaled back to its original size.

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What is a JPG?

  Due to their unusual size, JPG picture files are a commonly utilized file type. Although it reduces the quality of the photographs and also reduces their size when compressed. It is often used when a user has to upload or download a lot of photos.

How to convert PNG to JPG using Windows

  • Launch the Microsoft Paint software and choose the PNG file.
  • By clicking "Save as," choose "File."
  • In the box labeled "File name," type the file name you wish to save.
  • Choose "JPG" from the "Save as type" dropdown options by clicking it.
  • Once you click "Save," the file is successfully saved in JPG format to the chosen location.

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How to convert PNG to JPG using a Mac

  • Locate the PNG document you want to convert.
  • Select "Export" from the "Preview" menu under "File."
  • Simply select the JPG option from the list.
  • Select "Save."
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  Although there are other ways to convert a PNG to a JPG file, using the aforementioned actions is the simplest option for Windows and Mac users. Using converting software is an alternative. 

  There are many free programs available online. But the choice depends on whether you want to utilize an installed program or a browser-based approach.

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