Why is my phone so slow? See how to fix

Why is my phone so slow all of a sudden

  The moment your phone starts operating slower than usual, it could be frustrating because something that is supposed to take up to 5 seconds for the operation to complete might take up to 2 minutes. That’s funny, right? Sometimes it occurs without warning or giving you any sign, and sometimes it happens gradually, giving you some little sign, and later results in what you can’t cope with.

  Nevertheless, you have nothing to worry about. It might be just a little troubleshooting that within 1 minute, you can solve the problem yourself. Before you proceed, simply ask yourself, what could be the cause? How can I troubleshoot my phone to speed up its operation system?

  If you can’t find an answer to that, you don’t need to bother yourself too much. At reladex.com.ng, one of our aims is to diagnose your Android, iPhone, or any other phone's problems and provide the guidelines on how to resolve them with less stress.

What are the causes?

  There are a few things we have figured out that can make your phone slower than usual. If you fall into any of the listed causes below, avoid it and restart your phone.

  •   Insufficient space: we’ve noticed many people that are complaining of slow operation on their phones don’t have enough space. Why not check whether you have enough space on your phone, at least 2GB for better operation?
  • Overheating: when you're not in a cold environment while you’re using your phone, it may result in overheating and, invariably, may make your phone's operating system slow.

  • Too many applications open at the same time.

  • If you’re using an old version of the application, you may experience this.

  • Your phone may not support the app you’re trying to use. Kindly check your phone version and compare it with the app.

Why is my phone so slow all of a sudden?

  It’s natural for a phone to slow all of a sudden. This may be due to the version of the app you’re operating with. You're probably still operating with an old version of the app. You may need to update the app to the current version. Learn how to turn off low data mode and other related

  Another consideration is your internet connection; if you're working with it at the time, make sure you're still connected to it; otherwise, you may encounter errors from your internet connection, which will eventually slow down your phone's operating system. 

  You might have run out of storage on your phone due to some auto-backup in the background, such as WhatsApp backup.

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How to speed up the iPhone (troubleshoot iPhone)

   If you’re experiencing a slower operation system on your iPhone than usual, you may need to consider the following troubleshooting.

  • Close any open apps: When you open too many apps at the same time, your iPhone may be working overtime. For that reason, open only the app you want to work with at a time.

  • Reboot your iPhone: Rebooting is always the best option when you’re experiencing something like this. It will also help you clean up any other unnecessary things operating in the background.

  • For better operation, check your storage: at least you should have 2 GB of free space on your phone. How to check storage on an iPhone: tap on settings, select general, then iPhone storage. If your storage is too low, you may need to free up space.

  • If it's physically damaged, such as a touch screen, it’s advisable to get a new screen.

How to speed up an Android phone (troubleshoot an Android phone)

  If you notice your Android phone's operating system is slower than before, you may need to try some of the following troubleshooting:

  • From our research, clearing the app cache can help to resolve a lot of issues related to the app in question. Likewise, clearing your web browser cache can improve the speed of your browsing.
  • If you have low phone storage and are downloading or collecting large files, it will definitely slow your operating system.
  • Check for software updates: Always keep your phone up to date. Software updates normally contain new features and performance improvements that will help you enjoy a smooth operating system.

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