Opera Ads: How to advertise on Opera Mini News


   Utilizing Opera Mini Ads as a means of broadcasting your new brand product is a great advantage. Because it drives the right customers to your business, especially new customers, and also keeps the existing customers updated on your current product. Opera Mini is said to have over 150 million users on a monthly basis in Africa. Also, Opera mini has become one of the platforms 95% of Nigerians use to read news, both local and foreign, in recent years. Learn how to change Google Chrome to desktop mode.

   If Opera Mini can have millions of users every month, imagine the number of precise customers Opera Ads will deliver per month. As a brand new entrepreneur, the best way to get your business to the top of the market and to get new customers is through advertising. Remember, entrepreneurs are the market's feeders.

   They find solutions to people's needs through their products, and the people you are targeting to feed their needs via your product can only be aware of such products via advertisement. Other advertisements may include Google AdSense and some foreign Ads companies. Learn how to advertise through Google AdSense in our next article.

What is Opera Mini?

   It is a fast web browsing platform, created by Opera. It was initially created for the Java ME version but is currently available for Android, Windows Phones, and others. They did not stop there.

   They continued to update the web browser by adding some features, which include opera mini news and opera mini hubs, which enable users to read both local and foreign news for free and also enable publishers to publish articles for the public and get paid. One of the benefits of using Opera Mini is that it requires less data consumption.

What is Opera Ads?

   Ads is an abbreviation that stands for "Advertisement and discovery service". It is an advertisement paid for as a means of promoting an existing business or a brand new product, usually for sales or to get followers aware of the new product. Opera Ads make your business grow fast, and some of the top Opera Ads visited by users are betting, entertainment, and live scores among the youth and health-related Ads among the elderly.

How to download Opera Mini?

  • Open the google play store or APP store on your phone
  • On the search bar, kindly search for opera Mini
  • Download and install or CLICK HERE

How to download Opera Mini on PC?

  • To download opera mini for your window or mac, CLICK HERE.

How to Advertise on opera news

  • It is simple and straightforward
  • Simply visit https://admanager.opera.com to register an account or Click here
  • Provide all the necessary details about your campaign as require
  • Then launch your campaign

How much do Opera Advertisement cost

  Per a thousand of impression is 291. Impression means the number of users that will see your advertisement. That’s per 1000 impression will cost 291.

Frequently ask question

Q. how can I make money on Opera news?

Ans. If you are good at creating article in respective of the topic and grammatically free from error, avoid plagiarism, you can become one of the Opera News Hub publisher and earn money based on the number of clicks per article you make.

For more clarification about the Opera News Hub, you can use the comment section below. You will definitely get a reply within short period. Thanks for sharing this post.

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