Airtel YouTube Night Plan for all Airtel users

   It is well knowing that Airtel company in Nigeria is one of the best network provider in every area of their services.

   Airtel provide not only data packages but also offer bonuses on every recharge and data subscriptions for all their customer. However, their data plans and bonuses varies, it’s basis on which data plan users willing to subscribe for.

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  Are you a stream lover, a movies lover, particularly you like streaming on YouTube and you are yet to migrate to Airtel YouTube Night plan, kindly use the opportunity of this article today and join the family of Airtel YouTube night plan and enjoy your streaming smoothly.

  Airtel YouTube data plans are data plans set aside for Airtel users to watch and download videos on YouTube on every subscription you made.

  However, don’t be convince on how Airtel YouTube data plans work. Airtel does not have a specific plans set aside for YouTube, you can only be given YouTube bonus on every subscription you made but varies. 

  Below is the full break down on how Airtel YouTube data plans work;

  • Whenever you subscribe N500 for 7 days, you’ll be rewarded 1GB YouTube bonus
  • When you subscribe N500 for 14 days, you’ll be given 1GB YouTube bonus
  • When you subscribe N1000 for 1 month, you’ll be rewarded 4GB YouTube bonus
  • When you subscribe N1,500 for 1 month, you’ll receive 4GB YouTube bonus
  • When you subscribe 2,000 for 1 month, you’ll be rewarded 4GB
  • When you subscribe N2,500; N3,000; N4,000; N5,000, you’ll receive 4GB YouTube bonus

How to activate YouTube night plan on Airtel?

 In order to activate and enjoy Airtel YouTube plan/Data bonus;

  • kindly dial *141#
  • select the Data plan you want and subscribe

How to check airtel youtube data balance

Dial *140# to check your data bonus.

When does Airtel YouTube night plan start

 Having been rewarded with YouTube data bonus, you can use it between 1am to 5am. meaning you’ll have to sacrifice your night in order to be able to enjoy these bonuses. Which serve as a source of disadvantage. 

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Code for Airtel YouTube night plan

 This is one of the aspect many Airtel users are yet to understand, Airtel did not provide any specific Ussd code for YouTube night plan. You can only be given YouTube data bonus basic on your subscription.

Airtel YouTube night plan bonus

 As an Airtel customer, before you can be rewarded YouTube data bonus, you must subscriber N500 and above. Which is one of the criteria for YouTube data bonus.

  How to use airtel youtube night data 

Airtel YouTube night plan does not have a specific way. As it's in stated in the body "Night Plan" which means all Airtel YouTube night plan users can only enjoy their YouTube bonus between a specific time range.


  • Only N500 subscription upward will be rewarded YouTube bonus.
  • These YouTube bonuses can only be used at night.
  • For an alternative, you can dial *323# to subscribe for a stream video. However, this might look unsafe.



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