Incoming calls not showing on screen, How to fix?

   This often common in Android phones where incoming calls are not showing on the screen but phone would be ringing or caller id not showing.

  However, the only way to know who's calling or who called you, is by you open the dial app on your phone and then check the last call which could be the missed call that wasn't displayed. In this article, you will learn everything and why is not displaying.

  This issue was first discovered on Xiaomi Mi A1, Infinix phones and some other phones.

 Noted: this issue is not from the developers but It's as a result of the way users set the dial notifications calls.

 How to fix incoming caller id not showing

 The incoming calls not displaying is as a result of the way you set the notifications. It's always important to get the notification right. Below are the steps to fix it;

  •  Kindly locate phone (dial app) on your phone
  •  Long press the app
  •  Click on properties
  •  This action would take you to App info.
  •  Select notifications
  •  If you noticed the incoming calls notification is off, simply turn it on likewise other notifications you feel like.
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  How to fix it through phone settings

  •  Simply locate your phone settings
  •  Select Apps and notifications
  •  Click see all apps
  •  Select dial app
  •  Proceed with the above process. 

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