How to transfer airtime on Airtel using Ussd Code

  Many people have been trying to transfer airtime from one of their Airtel SIM card to another, family, friends and love ones who are also a Airtel user but unable to do it.
  This situation happened to me some years back before I later discovered the solution just like the way I am about to review to you in this article today.

How to change Airtel default PIN code?

How to share airtime on Airtel?

  What happened was, I wanted to recharged N100 from my account and I mistakenly added additional 00 which makes it N10,000 Airtime.

  And i tried to transfered it to my friends and even sell it, but I wasn't able to do, because I don't know how to transfer airtime to airtime on Airtel until I searched on Google how to do it just like you do today. However, you're in a right place today.
  So today, I have decided to share it here.

Below are the instrument needed to transfer airtime to airtime on Airtime SIM;

  • Transfer secret PIN
  • Recipient phone number
  • Amount you wants to transfer
  • Activated SIM card

  But remember that you can not transfer airtime from MTN to Airtel, it is not supported because they are not the same company. However, selling to a third party is allowed.
   Before you can transfer airtime on Airtel to another Airtel users, you need your personal PIN.

Though, there is always a default PIN code 1234 already set for all Airtel users and which is advisable to change this default PIN code 1234 for security purposes.

How to change Airtel default transfer PIN code 1234?

  Always remember that default PIN code on Airtel is 1234. Likewise other telecom in Nigeria have theirs. Such as MTN 0000.

  To change your default PIN, kindly follow the instructions below;

  • On your mobile phone
  • Rush down to your Sms app
  • Click on a New message
  • Send 1234 NEW PIN to 432
  • For instance; 1234 5921 to 432
Note: 5921 is the New PIN code you want.

  Another alternative way you can change Airtel default PIN?

  • Simply dial *432#
  • Select 3 (PIN management)
  • Select 1 (change PIN)
  • Enter the default PIN 1234
  • Press send/Ok
  • Enter your New PIN
  • Press send.

  Once you have successfully changed the default PIN code, you can then proceed to transfer of Airtime from one Airtel SIM to another.

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How to check your Airtel number using Ussd Code

How to transfer airtime on Airtel.

   Airtel provide many options on how you can transfer airtime but the simplest one is what I am about to share with you today.

Moreover, Ussd Code as made everything easy. So I'll teach you how you can use Ussd Code to transfer airtime on Airtel. Below are the steps;

  Transfer of Airtime on Airtel is called Airtel me2u

  • On your mobile phone number
  • Kindly dial *432#
  • Select 1 (Airtel to Airtel)
  • Enter the recipient phone number
  • Press send
  • Enter your four digits PIN (note the new one and not the default PIN)
  • Select confirmation by choosing 1.


  • To change Airtel default PIN, kindly dial *432#, select PIN management and follow the instructions.
  • To transfer airtime on Airtel to another Airtel users, simply dial *432*recipient number*amount#.
  • No service charge attached.
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