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  There are some many ways you can check your Airtel phone number, but the easiest way is by using code.
  Airtel and other internet provider companies have make everything easy and simple for users to access quickly. Such as:

  •   Buy Data plan.
  •   Check your Tariffs plan.
  •   Changes your Tariffs plan.
  •   Check your Data balance.
  •   Check your bounce.
  •   Night browser
  •   Quick SMS reply. And others.

However, in today's article, I will show you the easiest way to check your phone number on Airtel SIM card.

  Most people believe once you get a New Sim card, you're expected to know the phone number off-hand, but the question is; the SIM card you were given or you purchased, is it an easy number to memorize quickly Or understand? or a difficult phone number.

   But another thing most people don't know; the mode of memorizing of individual is different, what  you can memorize within 24 hours, could take another person 72 hours to be able to memorize it.

   Memorization without making use of it day and night could lost of the memory, so memorize and making use of it, is always the best advice.

  Examples of easy phone number below;
  1. +2349065561010
  2. +2347077700244
  3. +2348136400100
  4. +2348077367761
  5. +2348139930660
Examples of difficulty phone number below;
  1. +2348072451675
  2. +2347063680261
  3. +2349062481047
  4. +2348041796480
  5. +2347049610526

  Those are the examples of easy and difficult number. But how can you know the easy phone number, it is very easy to get, all you needs to do is to collect as much as possible SIM card from the seller and cross check the phone numbers, during your cross checking, you should be able to identify the easy phone number from the difficult one.

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How to subscribe to Airtel Night plans

   But if you are unfortunate to pick the difficulty phone number, there are some method you can use to memorize the phone number faster. 

    How to check Airtel phone using Code

»Simply dial *121# on your phone call
»Follow the introduction

 »Enter 4 (my number)

 »final step is to Enter 3 (manage my account)

  Many other telecom have theirs, but using different method. Although there are some that are using similar method. 

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      How to memorize faster

Memorization is the method of getting new things into the cerebrum quickly.

  However, it's easy to forget things we memorize quickly as well, if we're not making use of those things occasionally.

   Most students fall under these, they only read during exam and after the Exams, they forget what they've read because they only make use of it once. (i.e for the purpose of exam).

Below are some of the tricks;

   Trying to visualize those digits number

   Here, you will look at the digits number many times, the digits number usually eleven in number. Example: (09056328947) this is an example of a difficult phone number.

   They're eleven in number, remove the first three standard digits, remain eight numbers. Let's pick them two-two, pick the first two digits number (56) look at it for like 5 times, then close your eyes and visualize the two digits number, once you're able to do this, you're good to go for the rest.
  Note; this method also work for Student preparing for an Exams.

        Using Image tactics

  Image tactics can be similar to visualizing method but there are still difference between them.
  Image tactics is a method use by smart student preparing for an Exams or an interview.

   It is easy to use and simple, it can be direct or indirectly use, depending on the situation.

Example: if you're ready a passage or textbook, and you want to memorize it, or you want to memorize definition for a student, "from this last line , there are some keywords which are 'memory and student'" all you need to do is for you to turn those two words into an image, check the image of  human brain ----- memory and you or your friends image ----- student.

  And in the case of digits number, example; 4-fall, fall of human from a tree. Or you can say it looks like house, car, triangle. 7 -- Gun, because if you turn it, it looks like a gun.


     Frequently Engage with the phone number

The method would be pretty if you can try it, how?
Any income and dial call you made in a day, after that call, using first method and try to remember all the eleven digits number off-hand using visualization method.




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