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  Reladex was launch to make life easy and provide Logical ways of solving our environmental problems which include review, tutor basically on tech niche and its related.   

  Reladex was designed and launched in April 2021by Äkixé. A man with full of motivation and inspiration. 

»» Reladex Services include;

1. Professional Blog Design | Hosting | Management

2. Social Media Advert Expert

3. Digital marketing/SEO

4. Personality Profiling, Branding and Interviews

5. Business Profiling, Branding and Interviews (small/large)

6. Advert Placement

7. Internet Consultancy

8. Event Branding

9. Event Internet Coverage (live and offline)

10. Music or Artiste Hype/Promotion/Distribution

11. Sponsored Adverts

12. Marketing — Digital, Social Media, Content, Email, SMS, YouTube, etc

 lets make what you do for a living as easy and enjoyable Contact Us Now

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