How to Find WiFi Password | Share WiFi Password

How to Find WiFi Password | Share WiFi Password

Discovering WiFi passwords on your iPhone is a real game-changer. Usually, your phone does the heavy lifting, remembering all those passwords for the WiFi networks you use. It's fantastic – you move from WiFi to cellular data and back seamlessly. But, there are moments when you actually need to know what that password is.

Picture this: your iPhone refuses to connect to WiFi, and you need to type in the password again. Or, you're trying to hook up another gadget to the network, or maybe you just want to share the WiFi code with a friend. If you're clueless about finding those saved passwords, you could end up stuck offline. The good news is, there are a few tricks up your sleeve to unveil those hidden login details and keep yourself surfing the waves of the internet.

Locate your iOS version

Begin by locating your iOS version. The simplicity or complexity of uncovering WiFi passwords on your iPhone relies on your iOS version. To check this, go to your iPhone's Settings, tap on General, then choose About. Look for the iOS version there. If you're using iOS 16 or a newer version, you have the ability to view WiFi passwords for your current network and any networks you've connected to previously.

For older iOS versions, getting those WiFi passwords is a tad trickier. You'll need to dive into the router settings of the WiFi network, and that requires knowing the router's admin username and password. Plus, since you have to be on the network to access the router, iPhones with older iOS versions won't help you retrieve passwords for networks you've connected to before.

How to see WiFi Password on iPhones 

If you're using an iPhone with iOS 16 or a later version, 
  • Go to Settings and tap Wi-Fi.
  • Find the Wi-Fi network you're connected to (it has a blue checkmark). 
  • Tap the "i" icon next to its name.
  • Enter your passcode or use facial recognition to see the Wi-Fi password in the Password field.
  • To share the password, tap Copy and paste it into a message for someone else. Easy as that! Learn how to transfer data between iPhones 

How to Share WiFi Password

Sharing your Wi-Fi on Android is like opening a door to the internet for your friends. Ever wished it was as easy as waving a magic wand? Well, imagine it's even simpler – a QR code! No need to spell out your password; just a quick scan, and they're connected. So, here's the lowdown on this tech magic.
  • Open Settings, then go to Network and Internet, and select Wi-Fi.
  • Click on the settings cog beside your network.
  • Press Share, verify yourself, and a screen with a QR code, network name, and password will pop up.
  • Now, your friends can connect hassle-free.

How to Change WiFi Password on Android and IPhone

Changing your WiFi password on both Android and iPhone is like giving your digital fortress a new set of keys. Or Picture it as the guardian of your digital sanctuary. It ensures your internet space stays secure. Imagine it as a tech-savvy lock change for your home networkLearn how to view saved passwords on browser 

Changing WiFi Password on Android:

  • Navigate to Settings: Open your Android phone's Settings.
  • Select Network Settings: Go to "Network & Internet" and tap on "Wi-Fi."
  • Access Wi-Fi Settings: Find and tap on the Wi-Fi network you want to update.
  • Modify Password: Tap on "Forget" or "Modify Network," enter the new password, and save.

Changing WiFi Password on iPhone:

  • Go to Settings: Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  • Select Wi-Fi: Tap on "Wi-Fi" to access available networks.
  • Choose your Network: Select the Wi-Fi network you want to change.
  • Update Password: Tap on "Forget This Network," reconnect, and enter the new password when prompted.

Note: Remember to save the changes.


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