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Airtel 4G Pocket WiFi Setup Guide

If you're on the lookout for a dependable and budget-friendly pocket MiFi that provides internet connectivity across Nigeria, the Airtel Pocket MiFi is worth considering. Not only is it compact and easily portable, but it also offers cost-effective data plans tailored to meet your diverse needs.

With a variety of data packages available, ranging in size up to 1000GB, and flexible options including daily, weekly, or monthly plans, the Airtel Pocket MiFi ensures you have choices that suit your preferences. This article will guide you through all the available data packages offered by the Airtel Pocket MiFi in Nigeria and why you should consider it.

Benefits of 4G Pocket WiFi Airtel 

  • High-Speed Connectivity Anywhere, Anytime

Gone are the days of searching for public WiFi hotspots or dealing with sluggish mobile data. Airtel's 4G Pocket WiFi ensures blazing-fast internet speeds, allowing users to stream, work, or connect with friends effortlessly.

  • Small Device, Big Advantages

The pocket-sized design of Airtel's 4G WiFi makes it a travel companion like no other. Slip it into your pocket, and you're carrying a powerhouse of connectivity wherever you go. The days of compromising on internet speed during your adventures are over.

  • Setting Up Has Never Been Easier

No tech-savvy skills required here. Airtel's 4G Pocket WiFi is designed with simplicity in mind. Just turn it on, follow a few easy steps, and voilĂ  – you're connected. Say goodbye to complicated setups and lost connection woes.

Airtel 4G Pocket WiFi

How to Setup Airtel 4G Pocket WiFi

1. Unbox your Airtel 4G Pocket MiFi.
2. Insert the SIM card and power on the device.
3. Connect your device (phone, laptop, etc.) to the WiFi network.
4. Access the admin panel to customize settings if needed.


Price            Data Available          Duration

N5,000             20GB                         30days

N8,000             25GB                         30days

N10,000           40GB                         30days

N15,000           75GB                         30days

N20,000          120GB                        30days

N30,000          200GB                        30days

N36,000           280GB                        30days

N50,000           400GB                        90days

N60,000            500GB                       120days

N100,000          1TB                             365days

Discover additional "Ultra" plans designed for your preferences:
  • Ultra N10,000: Enjoy 40GB + 250MB daily.
  • Ultra N15,000: Elevate your experience with 75GB + 500MB daily.
  • Ultra N20,000: Unleash connectivity with 120GB + 1GB daily.

To subscribe to these data plans, dial *370# on your smartphone or visit Airtel’s website for seamless activation.


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