MTN N500 for 2GB code, 1.5GB and 1GB bonus code in 2023

MTN 2GB for 500

  MTN will undoubtedly continue to be one of Nigeria's most successful telecommunications companies.They provide data at a low cost based on individual data plans for "MTN Users precisely."However, this post will disclose one of the cheapest data plans you can easily adopt.

  You can imagine yourself in a situation where you need to economics your resources but you have exhausted your monthly data plan, thinking of another N1000 or N1500 for another monthly subscription whereas you don't have up to N1000 and you need it urgently, this is an alternative plan to relieve you of thinking.With just N500 for 2GB, you are good to continue enjoying your browsing, but the plan will only last for 7 days.

How do I know if my SIM is eligible for N500 for 2GB?

The only thing that can prevent you from qualifying is that you either recently purchased or have not been using the SIM.To qualify for this plan, you must have been using your MTN SIM card with constant recharge for about 2-3 months; this will convince MTN that you are a regular customer.

MTN 2GB for 500 for 7 days code

To enjoy this plan, follow the instructions below. All you need is your browsing phone, an MTN SIM card, and a N500 recharge card for your MTN SIM card.

  • Having recharged your MTN line in question with at least N500

  • Simply dial *121#.
  • There are 4 options; the first option, "TopDeal4ME,” is mainly for those that have been using this plan (i.e., existing users). The second option, "Data4ME,” is for new users; therefore, select option two.

NOTE: In some cases, MTN may not give you the privilege to subscribe for N5OO as a new user, but subsequently you will be given the privilege.

  • Alternatively, you can dial *131#.

  • Select Hot Deals

  • It will then take you to step 3 in the above steps.

MTN 2GB for 500

The only two available USSD codes to activate the N500 for 2GB on MTN are those explained above. In summary;

  • Dial *121# and choose 1 "TOPDeal4ME" for existing customers or 2 "Data4ME" for new users.

  • Dial *131# and choose "Hot Deals."

  • MTN will send you a notification message following your successful subscription.

NOTE: You can subscribe anytime, even before the expiration date, to extend the validation period.

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MTN 1.5GB for 500

This is another alternative to the plan. However, only MTN Pulse users can enjoy this plan; therefore, in order to be able to enjoy this plan, you need to migrate to MTN Pulse. The only similarity is that the duration period for both is 7 days, which is equivalent to one week. The steps below are the way to 1.5GB for N500 on MTN.

  • Ensure that you have migrated to MTN pulse.

  • Dial *406# 

  • Choose 1.5GB for N5OO.

  • You can select both airtime and pulse point options or select airtime alone, provided you have an N500 recharge card on your line.

  • You’re good to go. MTN will notify you once your attempt is successful.

Migrate to MTN Pulse

To change your plan from your previous plan to MTN Pulse, dial *406#. Migration is free.

MTN 1.5GB Code for 300

  • Dial *121#

  • Choose Data4ME and Select MTN 300 for 1.5GB. If the option is not available, check "TOPDeal4ME" or check it later, after a few minutes to an hour.

MTN 1GB for 200

The procedure is the same as MTN 1.5GB for 300.

  • Dial *121# 

  • Choose Data4ME and MTN 200 for 1GB.

MTN 1GB for 1000

This is quite different from the above steps. Because the above steps are a weekly plan and this plan is a monthly plan,

  • Simply dial *131#.

  • Choose between Data Plans and Monthly Plans.
  • Choose MTN 1.5GB for 1000.

NOTE: You can use *131# for all data plans on MTN, provided you know how to navigate through it. while *121# is strictly for weekly data plans.


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