How to block someone on WhatsApp


How to block someone on WhatsApp

   Are you a businessman who normally receives a couple of messages daily from different contacts? As a result, you find it difficult to recognize and reply to useful contacts. What are you still waiting for? Why not try this option? 

   WhatsApp makes virtually everything easy for users to access at any time. I remember back when I used to create multiple WhatsApp groups for fun and then start sharing the link all over other social media in order for others to join. 

  But once they join, I will start receiving messages directly to my DM, both relevant and irrelevant ones. Behold, via this feature, I was able to eradicate those messages. And if you are the type of person that normally receives several messages per day, both useful and unwanted, stop bothering yourself today. Follow the steps below: 

How to block someone on WhatsApp for Android 

  This method is applicable to all Android phones but may be slightly different from the iPhone. You can block someone in two different ways on WhatsApp. 

   However, the second method may be a bit more difficult, but I find it easy. The following are the steps to block someone and avoid unwanted messages: 

  • Open your WhatsApp and log in (this is usually an auto-log in) once you have an existing account. 
  • Navigate through your chat box and select the contact in question." 
  • Tap the contact 
  • Click on the menu option It's usually the three dots (...) at the top right corner, just next to the call and video. 
  • Select the block option from the drop-down submenu. 
  • If you can’t find this, tap more to expand the submenu. 
  • A pop-up message will appear requesting your permission 
  • Tap block. You can also report this contact to WhatsApp by ticking the box before blocking. 
  • You’re done. The contact will then go straight to your blocking list.

 How to block someone on WhatsApp (second method).

  I love using this method in as much I have the contact on my contact list because you might have by mistakenly clear your chat history with the person you want to block, in that case, the above method may not work instead, use this method. The following is a step-by-step breakdown: 

  • Log in to your WhatsApp account
  • Without selecting any contact, tap the three-dot menu. 
  • From the drop-down option, select Settings. 
  • Select Account
  • Select Privacy 
  • Navigate through the page and tap "Blocked Contacts." 
  • Next is to add the contact you want to block. 
  • Tap the image icon in the upper right corner. Search for the contact and tap it. 
  • You’re good to go... Bad luck to the contact because you've just successfully denied the contact from messaging you. 

On the iPhone, how block someone on WhatsApp. 

  • Launch WhatsApp and log in
  • Tap the chat tab. 
  • Select the chat of the contact you want to deny. 
  • Tap on the person’s name, or if you don’t have the person on your contact list, it’ll display the phone number. 
  • Tap the phone number. 
  • On the contact info, tap block contact from the drop down option. 

What happens if you block someone on WhatsApp?

  The person you blocked will not be able to message or call you at that moment unless you unblock them. That’s why it is important to consider this feature before taking action.

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 How to unblock someone on WhatsApp

 Maybe you and the person have finally reconciled and you want to unblock him back. Follow the guidelines below: 

  • Log in to your WhatsApp account. 
  • Tap the three dots in the top right corner. 
  • Tap on "settings" 
  • Tap on "Account" 
  • Tap on "Privacy." 
  • Scroll down and tap on "blocked contacts". 
  • Select the contact you want to unblock. 
  • Tap on the unblock contact. 

With these, you get nothing to worry about any contact you don’t find interesting. Instead of bothering yourself or archiving the contact, you can just block such contact.

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