How to cancel Airtel Auto Renewal?


Airtel Auto renewal plan

   This post contains everything you need to cancel auto renewal on your Airtel SIM as an Airtel user. It is no longer a new thing that many Airtel users usually make a mistake by activating auto renewal or forgetting to choose the one-off option whenever they want to subscribe.

  One-off, as it is reflected in the phrase, doesn’t deduct my account for subsequent data subscription once my data is exhausted.

  It is usually annoying when your data subscription automatically renews while you have less cash at hand to purchase another recharge card or when you're trying to economize you money and you can’t turn the data into a recharge card unless you sell it to a friend.

  I guess that's an ache, right? If so, you are on the right page because this article will explain in detail the different methods you can use to cancel auto renewal on Airtel today and subscribe at your convenient time.

What is Airtel Auto Renewal?

   Airtel auto renewal is a command feature which tells Airtel robot control to automatically renew your data plan once your current running data is exhausted. which means your account will be debited exactly the same amount based on your last data subscription. There are a lot of benefits attached to Airtel auto renewal, particularly for a small or medium-scale enterprise person who owns a cafĂ© center or other small business that involves the use of the internet.

How to Activate Airtel Auto Renewal Service?

   It is unfortunate that there is no direct USSD code to perform this action unless you do it indirectly. How? In the process of subscription, simply select “Auto renew” for your subsequent data subscription.

   Meanwhile, every telecom network has a specific USSD code for every subscription. This USSD code can be subdivided into two parts; we have the main USSD code and we have a sub-USSD code.

  The main USSD code (such as *777# for Glo, *141# for Airtel, *131# for MTN) is the one that targets every other subscription on the network, while the sub-USSD code is the one that requires you to choose which plan you want to subscribe to.

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How to stop Airtel Auto Renewal?

   As mentioned earlier, there are several methods to cancel auto renew on Airtel SIM and subscribe at your convenient time. Each of these methods will be expounded upon one after the other.

How to Cancel Airtel Auto Renewal Using a USSD Code

  • Open your dial app and dial *362#.
  • Choose the second option—Opt Out.

However, to cut the above process short, simply dial *362*2#

  • Dial *408*100# to cancel mega bundle auto renew
  • For Android Bundles, enter *438*100#.
  • A pop-up notification will display once it’s successful.

  After trying the above code, still not successful, why not try the text message (SMS) method?

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How to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel using SMS?

   This method may not work for you if you don’t follow the proper procedure from capital letter to the right source. Simply follow the steps below to cancel auto-renewal on Airtel via SMS.

  • Open your SMS app.
  • Text STOP and send it to 141.
  • Alternatively, you can text STOP AUTO-RENEW to 440 in all capital letters.

  The benefit of a capital letter is that it informs them your request needs urgent attention.

How do I know if your Airtel Auto Renewal has been cancelled?

   Actually, the only way to confirm whether the auto-renew has been cancelled is the notification message you will get in return after following the above procedure to cancel. The other way is for you to recharge your line with the same amount as your last subscription and wait to see whether it will be deducted. I will advance you to use this method only when you have cash on hand.

What should I do if the auto-renew is not cancelled?

You don’t need to be enmity; reladex has you covered. Why not contact an Airtel customer representative to get the job done for you?

How to cancel auto renewal on Airtel via customer care?

  • To speak with Airtel customer service, dial 111.
  • Follow the instructions and tell them to cancel it for you.

For more about Airtel Customer Service, Click here.


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