How to turn on HP laptop keyboard light

   Did you recently purchased a new laptop and would like to enable keyboard backlighting? If so, you are on the right page. This article will explain how you can turn on or off the HP laptop keyboard light. However, it is unfortunate that not all HP laptops have this keyboard backlight, especially the older model laptops.

   Even though HP laptops are very popular, there are many more options available at all price levels, from entry-level models to high-end models. But the best option is to ask whether the laptop you want to buy has a keyboard light.

  In some laptop models, you have to manually turn on the keyboard backlight via the control panel, which means there’s no automatic sensor.

   Meanwhile, in HP laptops and its notebooks, it is an optional feature. They have already made a shortcut keyboard to switch on the illuminated keyboard, particularly in low light conditions.

   HP developers have made every feature of their products easy by providing a shortcut. As a result, their quality continues to make them one of the most widely used products in the world. Learn how to screenshot on an HP laptop.

   Follow the steps below to turn on the keyboard light on your HP laptop; they are simple and straightforward. Some modern HP laptops only require a single key on the keyboard to toggle the light on or off.

How to switch on the keyboard light on an HP laptop

   The easiest way to turn on the keyboard light is to utilize a keyboard shortcut.

  • Switch on your HP laptop.
  • Locate the illuminated symbol on your keyboard, usually in the row of function (F) keys. The symbol looks like a keyboard surrounded by flashing lights. The keyboard backlight is usually F11, F5, or F9 keys depending on the HP product you are using.
  • Tap the F key to turn on or off the light.

NOTE: Some HP laptops may require additional keys like Fn to work. which means Fn + the F key.

   To adjust the light intensity, simply use the adjustment keys, usually on the same row as the Fn key.

If the light did not turn on, you may need to make some adjustments.

  • Make your HP laptop support keyboard backlighting.
  • Ensure you enable “Action keys” in the laptop setting.
  • Adjust the backlight timeout on the setting

How do I turn on the keyboard light on my HP laptop window 10?

   It is clear that most modern HP laptops run Windows 10 and Windows 11. However, the operating system does not reflect keyboard light as long as you make use of the dedicated key.

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