How to upload photos to icloud from PC or iphone

     icloud can simply serve as a source of backup or a storage device which helps to save all kind of documents including photos, files, video, music, and others for future usage.

  Many iphone users love taking pictures because of the quality of the phone camera but once the phone crash, all the memorize quality pictures all gone. 

  However, with the help of icloud, you can easily backup your pictures at any convenient time provided you’ve uploaded them to cloud. More also, you can also save your picture to your Email account.

  If you are yet to upload your pictures and other documents to cloud or still surfing the internet how to go about that, this article will as cover everything you need to upload all your photos to cloud from iphone.

How to upload photos to icloud from iphone?

   Many individuals consider their iphone to be their greatest camera. AS a result, and the only way not to loss those quality pictures on your iphone is by you knowing how to upload photos to icloud straight from your iphone.

   The beauty side of icloud is that it is an iOS service which means it’s already embedded into all iOS version and doesn’t require any additional software before it can function.

  However, to set up your iphone to sync with icloud might looks difficult. Simply follow the instructions below;

Step 1. Launch the settings app on your iphone

Step 2. Click (your username)

Step 3. Select icloud option

Step 4. To enable icloud photos, toggle the switch from left to right.

All the photos on your iphone will automatically save to icloud including video.

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How to upload a certain picture to icloud?

   This option is available as an alternative of uploading pictures to icloud particularly a none iOS version (i.e users who are not using iphones). Read more: how to upload pictures to icloud on Android phones. To upload a certain picture to icloud, simply follow the steps below;

Step 1. Open your browser (google chrome, safari or firefox)

Step 2. Type in icloud url (

Step 3. Provided you’ve registered before (Register icloud account) sign in your details

Step 4. Tap photos

Step 5. Next, tap upload

Step 6. There are three options: photo library, Take Photo, Browser.

Step 7. Simply select the specific picture to be upload and click Add.

How to upload photos from PC to icloud?

   Uploading pictures from PC to icloud might be difficult to achieve particularly if you’re doing it for the first time. Because its required little more work to achieve this. 

  However, you can use the send method (i.e via browser to upload pictures to icloud. All the other way round, you can download “icloud for windows app”. Having downloaded and installed the app, simply follow the steps below;

Step 1. Fill in your detail and sign in

Step 2. Choose the checkbox…….

Step 3. Tap the Apply button

Step 4. Launch file Explorer

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