How to turn off galaxy S20 or S21

   Are you having difficulties in turning off your Samsung galaxy S20 or any other Samsung Galaxy phones.  Turning off latest Samsung Galaxy phones is quiet differ from turning off turning normal Android phones. Although it might be similar in terms of using power button to initiate the action.

  In Samsung Galaxy, when you press the volume key (-) and the power button together meaning you're preparing to turn off your Samsung Galaxy but in normal android phone, when you try  the same action meaning you're about to restore the factory setting of the phone.

 Nevertheless,  in this article, I'll review the three simple way you can easily swift off  your Samsung galaxy S20, S20 plus, S20 Ultra and S21

 How to power off Galaxy S20 and S21

 The first Method:

  • Press the power button and the volume key (-) at the same time for couple of seconds until the Menu options display along side with the three options [ Power Off, Restart, Emergency mode off].
  • Click on power off option


 Second Method:

  • Switch to the notification panel by swipe down the homepage screen 
  • Click on power icon beside setting icon
  • Next click on power off 

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Third Method:

  • Kindly click on setting icon on your Samsung Galaxy 
  • Find Advance features and click on it.
  • Select side key option
  • Under press and hold options, select the power off menu option
 With this method, you can press and hold the power button of your Samsung galaxy for couple of seconds until power menu options display.

 How to restart galaxy S20

 To restart your galaxy S20, S20 plus or S20 Ultra, it's almost the same procedure with turning off your phone: below are the steps to follow;
  • Long press the power button and select Restart option.  

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