Glo Data plans; How to check Glo data balance

 How to Check Glo Data Balance

    Glo like other telecom in some part of Africa has been usable internet provider. However, Glo decided to issued a new terms and conditions to their subscribers who wants to keep enjoying her service. 

 Nevertheless, they remain the most cheapest data plan compare to other competitive internet provider such as MTN, Etisalat or Airtel.

  But the only issue about them is, in some part of Nigeria, their network is not strong enough to browse.

  In this article, I will show you step by step the procedure on how to check your glo data balance.


  There are four ways of checking your data balance;

  How to check data balance on glo

  1. Using Ussd Code without receiving SMS alert which include the details of your balance.

   Most people prefer this method because the sms could looks like a Spam to them

  • Simply dial *127*0#
  •  A message will pop up contains your Data balance, bonus data balance and the expiration date.

 2. By sending INFO to 127. (You will receive an Sms which include the details of your Data balance).

 3. Using Ussd Code to receive Sms alert which include the details of your glo date balance.

   I'll recommend this because it gives you assurance. Although the one could be the easiest way of checking your data balance, that depends on you.

  • Simply dial *777    
  • Select 1 (Data)  
  • Select 5 (manage data plan)
  • Select 4 (Get data balance)


  •  Dial *777#
  •  Press 1 (Data)
  •  Press 4 (check data balance)

 4. simply visit to check your Data balance.

  Note: All glo new subscribers will enjoy double the data volume for the first three months

   But to the existing subscribers, you'll enjoy double the data volume as well pending you renew your data plan within three days of expiry failure to do so, you will lose the opportunity of double the data volume.

   You'll only get half of the data volume you subscribe for. These are part of the terms and conditions Glo network introduced in April 2017.

  Another similar one is called Data booster

 Data booster; peradventure, you want to boost your current data balance or your data plan has  exhausted before the expiry date, you can top it.

 » Simply dial *777#

 » Enter 1 (Data)

 » Enter 1 (Buy data plan)

 » Top options will Pop up; (auto renew or no auto renew) select anyone you like

 » Enter 5 (Special data offer)

 » Enter 4 (Data booster)

 » To top up your date. Only 2 options are available 300 MB for ₦200 (daily or weekly plan data booster) OR 1 GB for ₦1,000 (monthly plan data booster).

     Glo Campus Data booster

  This plan strictly for students also non-students can enjoy it, all you need to do is to be on the Campus premises.

  All Campuses within the nation (Nigeria) have the opportune to enjoy this plan.

  » Simply dial *777#

  » Enter 1 (Data)

  » Enter 1 (Buy Data plan)

  » Choose either Auto renew or One-off

  » Enter 5 (Special data offer)

  » Enter 2 (Campus booster)

  » Select your choice.

 This plan also offer you free airtime and data to Gift. It's depends on the amount you subscribe that will determine the amount of free airtime and data to Gift but the minimum free airtime is 100 naira.

  Below are some Glo data plan codes

Daily Glo Data Plan Codes

32MB – 1 Day for N50

105MB – 1 Day for  N100 

350MB – 2 Days for N200

1GB – 1 Day for N300 

2GB – 2 Days for N500 

1.5GB – 1 Sunday for N200 

Night Data Plan Codes

250MB – 1 Night for N25 

500MB – 1 Night for N50 

1GB – 5 Nights for N100 

Weekly Glo Data Plan Codes

1.05GB – 14 Days for N500

7GB – 7 Days for N1500 

Glo Campus Data Booster

225MB – 2 Days for N100

450MB – 4 Days for N200 

1.12GB – 7 Days for N500 

2.25GB – 15 Days for N1000 

4.5GB – 30 Days for N2000 

11.2GB – 30 Days for N5000 

Monthly Glo Data Plan Codes

2.5GB – 30 Days for N1000 

4.1GB – 30 Days  for N1500

5.8GB – 30 Days  for N2000 

7.7GB – 30 Days  for N2500 

10GB – 30 Days  for N3000

13.25GB – 30 Days  for N4000

18.25GB – 30 Days  for N5000 

29.5GB – 30 Days for N8000 

50GB – 30 Days for N10000

93GB – 30 Days for N15000 

119GB – 30 Days  for N18000 

138GB – 30 Days for N20000

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 Simply dial *777#  and enter 1 (data) to select your choice of subscription. 

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