Chinese Gift Card Vendor That Buy and Sell On WhatsApp

  There are many people on the internet pretending to be one of the Chinese gift card dealers. However, if you aren't sensitive enough, you can end up getting cheated.

  As a result, you must be certain of who you are dealing with in order to avoid falling for their cheap gift card fraud.

  Xinjin Technology is a good place to go if you want to purchase Chinese gift cards. Learn How to redeem Gift Card in Nigeria

  Xinjin Technology is one of the greatest Chinese gift card sellers you'll ever come across. Aside from being open and honest in their dealings. Similar, Zhou Cheng Exchange also offers the finest gift card exchange rate.

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  If you're considering selling gift cards, the Xinjin exchange is a good place to start. They primarily use WhatsApp for gift card exchange for various sorts of gift cards.

Contact Xinjin at +8619848449110 or click here to chat.

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Xinjin Gift Card Exchange Rate

  You'll obtain the finest and greatest rates for gift cards in Nigeria, the United Arab Emirates, the United States, and elsewhere when you use Xinjin Exchange.

  The exchange rate is as follows:

  • For Steam Gift Card: $100 USD gives ₦37,000
  • For Google Card: $100USD gives ₦39,000
  • For an iTunes card, $100USD gives ₦40,000
  • For an eBay card, $100 USD gives ₦34,000
  • For Razy Gold; $100 USD gives ₦43,000
  • For Sephora: $100USD gives ₦41,500
  • For Vanilla, $100 USD equates to 36,00
  • For Macy's, $100USD gives ₦35,000
  • For Apple Card: $100 USD gives ₦40,000
  • A $100 USD Xbox Card entitles you to 36,000
  • For Nordstrom Card: $100USD gives ₦37,000

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