Unity bank transfer code, Check account balance and others

    I'll review everything you need to know about Unity bank transfer code in this article. Generally, the introduction of Ussd Code for transactions and other activities has made things simpler and easy.

  Particularly, the adoption of Ussd Code by Nigeria banks which makes every transactions more simpler than before.

   With the uses of Ussd Code, customers can easily navigate through their respective Bank account without visiting any nearest bank or ATM machine unless Cash at hand.

  However, this article is strictly on Unity bank transfer code. If you're the type of person with multiple accounts but you don't know how to use Ussd Code to transfer money on other banks, check account balance, pay bills and others, kindly use the Search option in this site and search for the Bank.

Table of interest
What is Unity bank Ussd Code
How to activate Unity bank Ussd Code on my SIM
How to check Unity bank account balance
How to transfer money on Unity bank account
How to recharge on Unity bank account
How to verify your BVN
How to pay bills on Unity bank account

   What is Unity bank transfer code

  *7799# is the general Ussd Code launched by unity bank for customers to use for any forms of transactions including checking account balance, pay bills, Airtime/Data top-up e.t.c
  However, before one can begin to use this Ussd Code, one must have register and activate the SIM card.

    How to Register and activate Unity bank Ussd Code

  This is the foremost Step require by all unity bank customers need to do before they can begin to enjoy the stress less of Ussd Code. It is very easy and straightforward to do with little steps require provided you stay adhere to the instructions;
  • Kindly dial *7799# (on the phone number you wants to activate and link up with your Unity bank account)
  • Enter 7799 (To accept the service charge of N7 which is mandatory for all customers using Ussd Code including other banks in Nigeria)
  • Press Send/Ok (To proceed)
  • Follow the instructions by simply enter your account details.
  • Choose your 4 digits secret PIN
  • You will receive an automatic welcome message from Unity bank follow your successful activation and link up.

  How to check Unity bank account balance

  You can easily check your Unity bank account balance anytime, anywhere, at your convenient time as long as you do the right thing, by follow the  right procedure below:
  •   Navigate through your phone and click on dial icon
  •   Simply dial Unity bank Ussd Code *7799#
Note: Remember the service charge of N7 approximately.
  • Choose check account balance option from the listed options.
  • Input your 4 digits secret PIN



  How to transfer money from Unity bank to another bank

  With Ussd Code, you can easily transfer money from Unity bank to another unity bank or to other banks either self or third-party account.
   However, the maximum amount that can be sent with Unity bank Ussd Code per day is 100,000 naira. Any transactions above 100,000k it's advisable to use Unity bank mobile app.
To send money from Unity bank to another bank;
  • Just dial *7799# (always remember the service charge of N7 approximately).
  • Enter 7799 to accept the service charge.
  • Press send/Ok (To proceed).
  • Click on transfer funds option
  • Input the recipient account details
  • Input the amount (Maximum transaction using Ussd Code per day is 100,00k).
  • Confirm the recipient details and the amount
  • Enter your 4 digits secret PIN.

  On a short Note: dial *7799*recipient account details*disburse amount#.
For instance; *7799*4554455445*2000#

  Unity bank transfer code: How to buy Airtime with Unity bank Ussd Code

    To purchase airtime or data from your Unity bank using their Ussd Code is simple and straightforward procedure. However, the service charge is mandatory for every transactions.
Kindly stay adhere to below steps:
  • Dial *7799#
  • Enter 7799 to accept the service charge of N6.9 approximately N7
  • Select Airtime option
  • Input the amount and click send/Ok
  • Enter your 4 digits secret PIN
  • Press send/Ok

On a short Note:

  • Self Airtime top-up
  • Simply dial *7799*disburse amount#
  • For instance: *7799*3000#

A third-party

  • Dial *7799*recipient number*disburse amount#
  • For instance: *7799*09082588222*4000#


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    How to Verify your BVN Number

 For  BVN verification via Ussd Code
  •  Kindly Dial *7799*5#

  How to pay bills using unity bank Ussd Code.

  With Unity bank Ussd Code, one can easily pay bills such as Electricity, fund bet9ja wallet, DSTV packages, GoTV, Star-time and others.
However, there are two ways to use this Ussd Code to pay bills.
First method:
  • Dial *7799#
  • Input 7799 to accept the service charge usually N6.9
  • Press send/Ok
  • Select pay bills option
  • Select the kind of bills you want to make
  • Proceed by follow up the instructions
  • Enter your 4 digits secret PIN.

  Second method
  This method looks very short and straightforward. However, it is high risky because you may want to make payment for DStv packages instead you ended up paying for GoTV packages.
Simply follow the steps below:
To fund bet9ja wallet

  • Dial *7799*403* your betnaija ID*disburse amount#
  • For instance: *7799*403*51658*1500#

  To recharge your prepaid meter

  • Dial *7799*your meter Number*Amount#
  • For instance: *7799*0345454323245435*5000#

  For GoTV Subscription.
  However, this depends on the package you want to subscribe for, but generally:

  • Dial *7799*33*Card number*package Amount#

Below is the list of available package;

GoTV lite = 400

GoTV max = 3,200

GoTV plus = 1,900

GoTV value = 1,250

Tips: for each plan, for instance if it's GoTV plus you want to subscribe for; *7799*33*4554455445541442*3#.

    Instead of enter the package amount, you will enter the package number. Meaning GoTV plus is in number so I've replaced package amount with 3 in the above example.

For DStv Subscription

    Of course, we all know that GoTV and DStv are both similar. The only difference between them is the packages and copyright authorization. 

  •   Simply dial *7799*32*Card number*package amount#

Below is the list of available package;

DStv access = 2,000

DStv Compact = 6,800

DStv Compact plus = 10,650

DStv family = 4,000 

DStv premium = 15,800

Tips: to subscribe, kindly read through the tips provided on GoTV packages

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