How to convert airtime to cash on MTN, Glo, Airtel or 9mobile

   Have you ever experienced a case where by you were trying to recharge 100 airtime from your bank account and you mistakenly entered your PIN whereas your PIN start with 7 and pin is always four digits number meaning you've just mistakenly recharged 7 thousand plus airtime. 

  The question is, what are you going to do with the extra cash? Or how will you convert it to Cash back? Well you don't need to be panic.

  In this article, you will learn how to convert that excess airtime to cash easy and straightforward. 

    How to Convert Airtime to Cash

 There are many ways to convert airtime to cash but I will only review five ways to convert airtime to cash using app or web browser.

  Below are the list of applications you can use to convert excess airtime to cash;

 1. Recharge2cash app

 2. Airtimeflip app

 3. Zoranga

 4. Aimtoget

 5. Cheetahpay

  I will outline the steps chronologically to convert your airtime to cash using any of the listed above.

1. Recharge2cash 

  Recharge2Cash app is designed to convert airtime to cash and deposit into your bank account

How to use recharge2cash

  •  On your android or iOS phone
  •  Go to play store 
  •  Search for recharge2cash app
  •  Download and install it
  •  Return to your home page and open recharge2cash
  •  Click convert airtime button
  •  Insert your phone number you want to convert the excess airtime to cash and enter airtime amount.
  •  Then click on review request button
  •  You'll see a telephone number which you will need to transfer the airtime to. 
  •  Next send the amount of airtime you want to convert to cash to the phone number.
  •  After you have sent the airtime, kindly return to the app and click on submit button.


  •  Your wallet will be credited on the app within a few minutes (10-15 minutes).
  •  Then you can transfer the money from your wallet to any of your commercial Banks or you can as well purchase data via the app.

 2. Airtimeflip app

  Airtimeflip is another application which you can use to convert airtime to cash. It is easy and straightforward with less procedure once your requests is approved, within a short period of time (3-15 minutes) your wallet will be credited.

  How to use Airtimeflip app

  •  Go to play store (on Android or iOS version)
  •  Search for Airtimeflip app
  •  Download and install the application
  •  After installed, open the app and create account (register).
  •  Follow your successful registration, 
  •  Click deposit button
  •  Select the network (MTN, Airtel, 9mobile or Etisalat) you are about to transfer the extra airtime from.
  •  If you deposit is successful, your wallet on the app will be credited and you can then withdrawal the money from your wallet to your Bank account

3. Zoranga 

 Zoranga is also an application design to convert airtime to cash irrespective of the network. You can as well purchase data or airtime via zoranga at cheap rates. It's function almost the same way as airtimeflip app.

  How to use zoranga application

  •  Go to play store
  •  Search for zoranga application, 
  •  Download and install it
  •  Click on the app and register an account on the app.
  •  Click deposit button on the app provided you've successfully registered
  •  Select via airtime transfer option.
  •  To transfer from zoranga wallet to your bank account, simply click on transfer.

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4. Cheetahpay

 This is another top application which you can use to convert airtime to cash

How To Convert Airtime to Cash using cheetahpay application.

  •  Kindly go to play store on your phone
  •  Download the app and install it
  •  Open the app once it's installed to sign up

 There are two ways you deposit airtime and convert it to cash

  1.        Via Airtime PIN (if you're yet to load the card)
  2.        Via airtime transfer (if already loaded)

  •  Follow your successful deposit of airtime
  •  Your wallet will be credited within a few minutes 

 Note: if your wallet not credited after some minutes, refresh the page by simply press refresh button on the app.

  • To withdraw, Click on withdrawal button and enter the beneficiary info.

5. Aimtoget

  Aimtoget perform much functions than others such as pay bills, swap airtime, transfer funds, purchases data at low rates, online payments via airtime and others functions.

 How to use Aimtoget app

  •  It's a similar process as it is explained above.
  •  Go to play store
  •  Search for Aimtoget app
  •  Download the app and install it on your android or iOS version.
  •  Open Aimtoget app after installed and create an account.
  •  To convert airtime to cash on the app, 
  •  Click on fund wallet
  •  Under fund wallet, 
  •  Click airtime ( fund wallet with airtime).
  •  To withdraw from your Aimtoget app wallet to your bank,
  •  Go to your wallet on the app and click withdrawal.
  •  You can as well pay bills, purchase data or airtime via the wallet.


Note: Is not always the exact airtime deposit you'll be able to withdraw. A transaction fee will be deducted from the airtime.

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