How to check MTN number |using Ussd Code to check your MTN number
How to check MTN number using Ussd Code

  MTN telecom company is the largest and the oldest internet provider in Nigeria

 They provide cheap rate of call to any other telecom Companies and offer high bonus bundles on each recharge. Out of 100% of the country, their service cover up to 95%.

  Their data subscription is very cheap and affordable depending on the plans you wish to buy as they offer a day data plans, a week (7) days data plans, 14 days data plans, monthly Data plans and unlimited data plans.

  However, MTN have introduced a new data plan of recent which is pretty good for Students to offend 300N for 1GB 14 days (i.e two weeks). 

  As a student now, you only need 600N per month for data subscription only for MTN users. But remember not all the time you'll be given an opportunity for this offer. 

  But, that's not what I'll be discussing in this article today. You can check our other articles on how to buy data on MTN.

  Most people still having issues with checking of their MTN phone number or knowing it by heart. Well I noticed people that are having this challenges are those with multiple SIM card.

 Especially if they're only using the SIM card for browsing or the SIM card is not their hot line.

  So they believe that there's no need of knowing it off hand. But it's not so, in case of any emergency, you will need it.

  I'll advise you today to use this opportunity to know your MTN phone number or other telecom SIM card you may have off hand. You can as well go through our other articles, we've share how you can check your other telecom SIM card number on tech support. 

  Checking your MTN on your SIM card is simply and straightforward using Ussd Code. although there are many ways you can check your number which I'll be sharing to you in this article.


 How to check MTN phone number using Ussd Code.

  • Simply dial *663# on your mobile phone
  • And your phone number will display after finish loading.


Another alternative Ussd Code you can use

  • Dial *123# 
  • Select 1 (account info)
  • Select 1 (my number)

And a message will pop up contain your phone number. A confirmation message will also be sent to you.

    How do I check my MTN number on MYMTNApp

  •  Kindly turn on your android or iOS phone
  • Go to play store and download MYMTNApp
  • Create an account on the app enter your phone number
  • An OTP card will be sent to the phone number you've entered
  • After that and you've been granted an access to your account.
  •  navigate through the app, you should be able to see all the information concerning your MTN SIM card

 Using recharge card trick

  • This could look simple and is what you do everyday but you don't noticed. Well I'll gives you the expose.
  • Walk up to a recharge card seller 
  • Recharge your SIM card you want to check the number
  • Then use it to flash or call someone close to you and your number will display on the person's phone.
  • Just copy your phone from there.


How to check phone number on MTN

  • Dial *663# and a message will pop up showing your phone number.
  • Or alternative dial *123*1*1#
  • You can also confirm your MTN phone number using MYMTNApp.
  • Most common method if you don't remember the Ussd Code, just use the SIM card to call or flash someone else.

 In conclusion

  I believe with this article, you should be able to check your MTN phone number and know it off hand. Even if someone close to you should wake up you and ask you, you should be able to tell the person without cracking your brain

  However, you can learn how to memorize digits number faster here. 

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