How to Transfer Money From Sterling Bank to Other Banks In Nigeria

   This article mainly for Sterling Bank Transfer Code (USSD Code) for transferring money from Sterling Bank to other banks in Nigeria using your mobile smartphone.

  Sterling Bank now offers direct mobile fund transfers, which work with all forms mobile devices versions such as Windows, Android, iOS. 

   However, many people are still finding it difficult to transfer money using ussd code on any kind of phone be used. And this categories of people are:

  1. New Sterling Bank users

 2. Existing customers with multiple Bank account

 3. Old people who were not opportune to use bank at their young old.

4. Sterling bank customers who are fund of using ATM.

   if you're ready this article and you fall into any of these categories mentioned above or not mentioned and you have been surfing the internet on how you can be using ussd code to make transaction, here is your stopping point. 

How to Transfer Money From Sterling Bank to Other Banks in Nigeria

   Sending money from sterling Bank to other Banks in Nigeria is quite easy and straightforward via USSD Code. however, you can also transfer via sterling bank app "Onebank" but this article only restricted to ussd code. below are the steps to transfer money using ussd code;
  • On your mobile devices (android or IOS version)
  • simply dial *822# 
NOTE: Network service charge is N6.98.
  • Enter 822 to accept or 2 to reject in case you don't have up to that amount
  • Select transfer option
  • Enter the recipient account details and the amount 
  • Enter your PIN ( usually 4 digits number)
  • Press send.

  in a short form,

  • simply dial *822*5*Amount*Account Number# to transfer money.
  • Enter your pin and press send.

How to Deactivate Sterling Bank USSD Code

  This case is always very important for all sterling bank users both new and existing customers. many lost their ATM card linked to his/her sterling bank without know how to deactivate the account for security purpose. below is the simple code to deactivate your Sterling bank account:
  • On your SIM card linked to your ATM card
  • kindly dial *822*911# to deactivate.

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