How to Screenshot on Hp laptop and desktop computer


How to screenshot on computer

  Many people call it screenshot while some call it screencaps and some screengrabs.

  But I call it screenshot or screencapture because it capture the main page we want it to. Likewise the momentum it use makes me to call it screenshot.

  It is a unique technique that enable us to convert our computer desktop into an image. 

   I could remember when I was in a college, i was preparing for an exams ready from internet on my laptop, but when I wanted to screencapture some text, I wasn't able to until I check how to do on YouTube.

  But today, you're in a right place, you don't need to go and waste your data on YouTube.

   Just follow up the steps on how you can screencapture on your HP laptop or any forms of version your system might be. Below are the steps

How to take a screenshot on an HP laptop

   The two ways I would like to share with you in this article;
  • Full screencapture
  • Partial Screencapture

How to Screenshot on HP for full Screen.

  Both Hp laptop and desktop run windows system or we can say they both run chrome operating systems meaning you can easily screenshot using keyboard click. 

 Kindly local prt sc or prtsc, located in the same line with function key, which stands for print screen. This button enable you to capture the entire desktop display/screen.
To do this;
  • Press the window button on the keyboard together with prt sc, it will give you a sign that it has been capture.
  • Navigate through your computer and go to file 
  • Click pictures
  • A folder will create automatically name Screenshots
  • Click on the folder and you will find the screenshot there.
To save the screenshot as a normal image
  • Open any image editing program on your computer and create new
  • Then press control+V to paste the screenshot image. You can as well right click on your mouse and paste.
  • If their is any adjustments, you can do that and click save as or control+S
  • And save the file as a JPG or PNG format into an easy folder.

How to Screenshot on HP laptop for partial or half screenshot.

  The method allow you to screencapture part of the desktop display. Perhaps you don't want to screenshot the entire desktop.

  • Press window key on the keyboard+ Shift key+ S key together.
  • The desktop will change, something like fade and four boxes which gives you an option to Snip and Sketch the part you want to screencapture.
  • The Snip and Sketch will automatically save. 

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