How to check Etisalat/9mobile number in two different ways.

  This article is strictly for Etisalat user who are still finding it difficult to know their Etisalat phone number. 

  Many people don't value SIM pack anymore due to the era of technology. Because all what you need to know in the SIM pack, Ussd Code as made it easy and straightforward.

   Before, once you purchased a new SIM card either MTN, Glo, Airtel, or Etisalat, you would need to keep the SIM pack safe and secure.

  But now, nothing like that anymore. The moment you purchased a new SIM card, you can troll the SIM pack away or sneeze it.

  However, most of those telecom network are no longer using SIM pack unlike before. 

  What they do is add a small note that contains all the necessary information you need to know as a new users and the rest, you can get them by dial a cord at a free charge. 

   But in this article today, I'll show you how to check your Etisalat number by using ordinary cord without any fees charge.

  How to check 9mobile/Etisalat number

To check your 9mobile/Etisalat phone number using Ussd Code;

  • Kindly dial *248# on the same Etisalat SIM.
  • Your phone number will peep up almost immediately.

  Alternative way to know your 9mobile/Etisalat phone number:

  • Simply Walk up to a recharge card seller
  • Purchase an Etisalat recharge card

 Check; how to recharge Etisalat card that gives you 9X bonus.

And use the Etisalat SIM to flash your friend then copy your number from there...

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