How to check MTN data balance |using Ussd Code or MYMTNApp

  MTN has been one of the famous internet provider in most Africa countries. They provide their subscribers high speed with less cost of call rate.

  MTN like other internet provider have made checking of data balance much easier. 

  But in this article, you'll learn step by step how to check your MTN Data bundles and balance for those that are finding it difficult.

  However, i don't expect anybody not to know how check check MTN data balance by now, because MTN have been existing for many years.

  Nevertheless, There are three steps you can use to check your MTN data balance.

  All the three steps will be explain here, so the choice is yours to pick any of the convenient one.

MTN Night plans


  And to be sure of the amount of data you have together as MTN offer bonuses in different ways, you can use all the methods.

   in case MTN might offer you a free Data or Airtime and you might not know neither you won't receive any messages concerning the Data bonus or Airtime till it expires.

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» you can check your data balance using MTN Ussd Code.

» you can also check using Sms format, but I'll recommend Ussd Code because is faster.

» you can check other infos regarding your SIM card including data balance, bonus, airtime using MTN mobile app

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  How to check MTN data balance using Code

» Navigate into your mobile phone and click on dial call app

» dial *131#

» Enter 3

» A message will pop up showing your active data balance and also a text message from MTN will also peep into your SMS inbox concerning your data balance. 

 Note: you can avoid the step 1-2 by simply dial *131*4#.

    How to check MTN data balance via SMS format

 It's very simple, though it might look stressful compare to using Ussd Code. Kindly follow the steps below;

» Open your Sms app on your mobile phone

» Type in 2 and send it to 131

» After few seconds, you will receive a Sms alert from MTN concerning your current data balance

  How to check MTN data balance using MYMTNAPP

» Turn on your android or iOS Smartphone

» Navigate to Google play store

» Search for MYMTNApp

» install the app into your android or iOS phone

» Open the application on your phone and fill all the requirements.

» you will receive an OTP code to the phone number you provided.

» Go back to the app and enter the code.

Note: login details might be required, 

» Create your login details including Username and passcode for security purpose.

» After setting up your details and you've been accessed to login. You should be able to see all the details about your MTN SIM card including your current airtime, data bundles and balance

 How to check MTN Awuf4u balance

» Go to your dial call app on your phone

» Simply dial *559*14# to check your Awuf4u bundle.

 To subscribe for this tariff plan, kindly purchase your MTN credit card and use *888* to recharge.

Note: this plan only attach airtime and not data. However, you can use the airtime to browse. 


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