How to check BVN on MTN, Glo, Airtel, 9mobile

 How to check BVN?
Bank verification number *565*0#

   BVN in Nigeria is a forms of identification of individual who have a bank account with any of the banks in the nation such as: wema bank, first bank, zenith Bank, Gt bank, Fcbm bank, UBA bank, Heritage bank, and others which I didn't mentioned in this article.

 However, 95% of Nigerians have more than one bank account. Especially the Government workers, they usually have multiple accounts not because of anything but because of savings.

 Although in the older days, nothing like multiple accounts, because of lack of technology. Multiple accounts was only meant for people who are well Educated. Of course what they used then was microfinance bank or a locally made box.

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 But if we should calculate the number of people with multiple accounts presently, nearly all the citizens have multiple accounts.

  Perhaps because of the kind of businesses some are into or the kind of bank they were using due to the charge rate that made some to have multiple accounts just like me.

 Despite that having multiple accounts, individual can only have one bank verification number which is usually eleven digits number.

  And this BVN can easily be use to track down any forms of fraud in any bank account and identify the owner of the account because during the process of registering for BVN, all your data has been collected including your thumb printing, photograph.

  Even if you change all your datas, you can't change your thumb print because individual has different thumbs.

  Individual can only register for BVN ones at any of the nearest bank close to you.

  However, once you've been given your BVN number, you ought to know it and keep it in a safety place either you store the digits number on your mobile phone or write it down in your diary.

  Nevertheless, Federal Government have made it easier for all citizens to check their BVN number using Ussd Code on any of the telecom Companies

  Code to check BVN on MTN

 Check BVN on MTN, you'll be charged 20N. So make sure you have up to that amount on your SIM.

  • Kindly dial *565*0#
  • Your BVN will display

 Code to check BVN on 9mobile

  At the process of registering for your BVN, if it's your 9mobile phone number you used, below is the code to check your back verification number.

  •  Dial *565*0# 
  •  Service charged is 30N

 So make sure you have up to that on your phone before dial the number.

      How to check BVN on Glo

  Provided you registered your bank verification number (BVN) with your Glo number.

  • Simply dial *565*0#
  • Charged is 20N

   How to check BVN on Airtel 

 MTN, Glo, and Airtel all charged the same rate, only Etisalat charged service is high.

  •  Dial *565*0#
  •  Cost is 20N


  • Anytime you dial this code, service charge will be deducted.
  • Never disclose your BVN number to anyone because it's very risky. Especially to the website that are requesting for your BVN number without you really knows much about them, once you enter your BVN number, they've automatically have access to your bank account details.
  • If anybody should call you and said from the bank that the bank needs your BVN, please don't tell them because bank can never call you and request for your BVN number. It's your privacy. 
  • You can only check your bank verification number base on the telecom Companies you used. You can't check your BVN on your MTN while you used Glo to register. 

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