Chelsea fixtures |Blue still have the chance to qualify for Champions league next Season

   Chelsea have been consistence since Thomas Tuchel took over the coaching job from one of the club legend "Frank Lampard" before their premier league match against the relegation battle "westbrom" with 5-2 defeated.

  Blue are currently the only English premier league club seems to have the chance to qualifier for Champions league Semi-final follow their first leg away 2-0 victory against FC Porto (2-0 aggregate) on Wednesday.

  While Liverpool were 3-1 defeated to Real Madrid (3-1 aggregate) and Manchester City with 2-1 win over Dortmund on Tuesday.

   These means, Liverpool have less hope of qualifier for Champions league Semi-final, but Manchester City can still make their way to Semi-final of the Champions league.

  However, Thomas Tuchel's side are still chasing top four finish in English Premier league.

   The club are currently in 5th position of the table with 54 points,  west ham United in 4th position with 55 points, Leicester City with 56 points, Manchester United with 63 points and Manchester City remains the top of the table with 74 points.


   Nevertheless, Tuchel's team were on fire against Crystal palace on Saturday with 4-1 victory and hoping to keep their top four finish live.

  If Chelsea continue to win their remaining matches (7), there's a probably that the club will qualify for Champions league next Season. 

  But west ham United who are currently in 4th position look strong and determine to qualify for Champions league next Season as they continue their tremendous victory against Leicester City 3-1.

   According to the history of the club in English Premier league;

    Chelsea have finished in 4th position only twice (2002/2003 & 1007/1998) at the end of the season, instead they finish a season in 2nd- 3th position or win the league.

      However, they've finished in 14th position only ones 1993/1994, 11th position three times (1992/1993, 1994/1995 & 1995/1996),  10th position only in 2015/2016, 6th position four times (2011/2012, 2000/2001, 2001/2002 & 1996/1997) seasons and 5th position two times in 1999/2000 & 2017/2018 premier league seasons.

   But, Chelsea could finish in 4th-3th position, if Leicester City fall to bounce back from 3-1 defeated to West Ham United in the league and if west ham drop a point, Chelsea could take the advantage of that to secure their position in the top four finish this season.

    Notwithstanding, they still have the chance to go all away to top four finish this season.

  Chelsea remaining fixtures in premier league this season 2019/2020;

  •   Chelsea Vs Brighton on 20th of April
  •   West Ham Vs Chelsea on 24th of April
  •   Chelsea Vs Fulham on 1st of May
  •   Manchester City Vs Chelsea on 8th of May
  •   Chelsea Vs Arsenal on 12th of May
  •   Chelsea Vs Leicester City on 15th May
  •   Aston Villa Vs Chelsea on 23th of May

Champions league fixtures

  • Chelsea Vs Fc Porto on 13th of April

FA Cup fixtures

  • Chelsea Vs Manchester City on 17th of April..

 However, their remaining matches for Chelsea look so difficult, it's just a message for Thomas Tuchel that he has a lot of work to do.

   Currently his attacking players are not in a good form. Although, the American Captain seems to have bounce back after a long time strangle for fitness.


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